March 21, 2016

The Signs of A Spiritual Person

candleThere are a lot of misconceptions about what it means to be a spiritual person. When you ask people, who is a spiritual person, they usually have a long list of answers. The answers they usually talk about include elements of church, religious, and things that are organized. However, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case, as there are several signs that come to mind when you define this notion a bit deeper. There’s no “one” thing that is going to define this notion, however, there are a few things that you should know about.

The world of spirituality, how to recognize a spiritual person

The World of Love

Perhaps the easiest way to define spirituality is in regards to love. The notion of loving people and one’s self is very important. The priority is to be mindful of love, and to showcase happiness through everyday situations. If you don’t know the meaning of mindful, I suggest you to have a look at this website Mindfull. From that point forward, the mind’s eye cares about those things that are abounding nearby. This includes animals, the planet, and the likes. Love defined in action is often times a credential of spirituality that is defined within this element of focus.

What About Religion?

Here’s something that makes it difficult to really understand who is a spiritual person, and it’s in regards to religion. You may think that a person that goes to church every Sunday must be in tune with the meaning of this word, right? Well, unfortunately, there are millions of people that go to church on Sunday and yet fall short of reaching any sort of spiritual level. They sit through the services, and then leave without really adhering to the principles of the leaders, nor do they interact in the presence of meditative prayers, and more. You can belong to any number of religious factions, but unless you are free and clear of judgment and shame within yourself, you may find it hard to find hope here.

No Specific God?

Some people do not believe in God, or anything like that. When you look at who is a spiritual person, you may find that it’s hard to define this notion without God. That’s not true, however. What you need to understand is that many people believe in a spiritual realm, a world that you may not be able to see. While that’s not necessarily defined within the confines of Biblical understanding, it may be a spiritual landscape that is beyond recognition. For instance, the Native Americans had their own sense of purpose, and often spoke of the elements of fire, wind, water, and earth as part of their wisdom. They passed on their oral tradition, and wrote down stories and more to instruct, pray, and meditate. The visions and ideas that came before them are nothing short of spiritually based, but yet aren’t defined by “God” in the biblical sense.

In order to follow a path that is beyond the physical world, you’ll need to focus on being mindful of love, respect, and kindness. Start within, and then manifest the notion of love in purpose, and action, because those things really define the notion of spirit.

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