About Us

A Creative Reuse Center, Local Art Galley & Unique Event Venue

Its about community. Bridging community, with art!
Every community is full of artists, but not all communities have access to inexpensive art supplies. Easily available materials to Reuse, Repurpose and Reclaim Art! Second hand art supplies brings a community of artist together, to create, to share, and teach each other. RECLAIMED takes in donations of art supplies as well as reclaimed materials, to sort and be sold at second hand prices. A work space for the community to use and create, reclaimed art with all those materials. This is the backbone of community art. This is RECLAIMED!


RECLAIMED Art Suppliez is located at 1114 S. Casino Center in the heart of downtowns 18b Arts District


 Tuesday – Saturday 12pm-9pm
Donations excepted during business hours only.


Donations can be made during business hours only.  Please do not leave donations outside if we are not open.
Items MUST be clean and in usable condition. (ex. no dried up paint please)
Please note that new and used art and craft supplies and tools are always a GREAT donation. Thank you in advance for thinking of us!