About Us

A Creative Reuse Center, Local Art Galley & Unique Event Venue

Reclaimed is about community.  Bridging community, with art!
Every community is full of artists, but not all communities have access to inexpensive art supplies. Easily available materials to Re-use, Re-purpose and Reclaim Art! Second hand art supplies brings a community together, to create, to share, and teach each other. RECLAIMED takes in donations of art supplies as well as reclaimed materials, to sort and be sold at second hand prices. A work space for the community to use and create, share, and express oneself with all those materials.  Art is the backbone of community.  This is RECLAIMED!


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We are located in downtown Las Vegas is the world famous 18b Arts District
1114 South Casino Center
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104
Store Hours
Tuesday – Saturday
12pm- 7pm

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Reclaimed is in trouble and we need your help to keep this vibe alive.  Please click on our Go Fund Me link to help support us today. The best way to support us is to become a member for only $5 per month you can help keep our doors open so the community can keep making art and creating awesome. Just Click Here to become a member today.

Antonio Fine Art

Come in today to add this local artist to your collection.  Reclaimed is very proud to bring this local artist to the 18b Arts District.